A Very Serious Man

I’m a very (very) serious man. Please stop joking with me. I am a very rich and important person (morning affirmation). I stay laser-focused on my goals, and I cannot afford to be distracted.

When I arise (successfully) in the morning from my temperature-controlled Eightsleep bed, I go take a rest in my indoor sauna for peak recovery.

I turn on my smart TV and switch to YouTube for my morning affirmations.

Once I am done repeating my mantra (“I am a money magnet… I exude and attract wealth”), I go for my morning gratitude walk. I listen to my Spotify binaural beats playlist, which prepares me for the day ahead.

I just finished speed-reading 'Deep Work' and 'Atomic Habits'. Have you read either? Have you even read Sapiens? No? Well, you're missing out. They're hidden gems.

On my morning walk, I pass by a homeless man, down on his luck. I try to teach him how a leveraged buyout works, but I have to leave to take a call from my life coach (he says he only takes the most exclusive clients).

It’s time to start the work day, but first, I need to fuel up. I stop by my local mom-and-pop Starbucks cafe to get my daily shaken espresso. It only takes two minutes, because I ordered via the mobile app on the way there (efficiency is key for high performing individuals like myself).

Recession Proof